Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Andrea's Update!

Hello Everyone!

I’m Brittney, Andrea’s Daughter. I am going to be guest blogging while my mom is recovering from her surgery.

Today was one of the longest days I’ve had in a while. As my mom mentioned in this post, I’m staying with Mikayla while our parents are in Houston at MD Anderson. It was hard not being there with her today but I know she is relieved to have Mikayla under my watchful eye (which is kind of scary! Me? In charge of a teenager?)

Around 6 o’clock this morning, before I left for work, I sent my mom a text message to see how she was doing. It comes as no surprise that she was in high spirits. She assured me that she would be fine and told me to have a good day. I am amazed by her positive attitude and her ability to surrender to God.

I on the other hand, have been a nervous wreck! Today seemed to drag on an on! It was hard to sit at work and wait for updates from Ron (aka “Romeo”).

This morning, around 8:30, she went in for her surgery. Dr. Sarah performed the mastectomy. My grandfather (we all call him Poppa) was there anxiously awaiting with Ron. Poppa called me around lunch time to let me know the surgery went wonderfully! It was such a relief!

B.K. took over after Dr. Sarah to do the reconstructive surgery. This surgery was very complicated, it took him all afternoon. I received a text message from Ron at 5 pm letting me know that she was in recovery and doing well.

Later this evening, I spoke with Poppa. He told me that they will have someone checking on her once an hour all night long! He assured me that she was doing great! She is a little groggy and will be getting some much needed beauty sleep over the next couple of days.

I wish I had more information to give you! I will be back tomorrow with another update!

We are so thankful for all of your prayers! I know my mom treasures all of you and your encouraging words.



  1. Brittney, Thanks for the update! Your Mom is a special lady and great friend! We are all praying for her speedy and pain free recovery!

  2. Thanks for the update - please tell your mom I send my love and prayers for a speedy recovery. Only she could make us all laugh through the tears of her journey.


    1. Thank you Terry. She will be so happy to read your comment!

  3. Thank you sweetheart for the update...she is still in my prayers and I like you wish I could be there with her. It is just what us Beasley's do!! Because I know if I am there it will get done right! I know Ron and Uncle E are taking good care of her. Love you both..
    Nancy Lee

    1. Thank you Nancy for all of your prayers. We love you too!

  4. Hi Brittney - such fantastic news about your mum, you must be so proud of her! Please send her my love and tell her she is still in all my prayers x